YEB Enterprises was created to help Social Security and Medicare eligible recipients make informed decisions on their earned benefits. We provide educational webinars, sign-up assistance, and consultation services to assist clients with benefit / goal alignment.

List of Items required before making an online appointment


  1. Must create "my Social Security" account prior to sign-up
  2. DOB
  3. SSN 

  4. Verify minimum of 40 Medicare credits (earned/spousal/ex-spousal) 

  5. Current health care coverage 
  6. Internet connectivity and computer access to sign-up online

Social Security

  1. Must create "my Social Security Account" prior to sign-up
  2. DOB 

  3. SSN 

  4. Spousal DOB/SSN 

  5. Ex-Spousal (if married for over 10 years) DOB/SSN 
(if available)
  6. Widowed while married - Deceased DOB/SSN 
(if available)
  7. Children under 19 years old DOB/SSN 

  8. Current Social Security Statement 
or estimated Full Retirement Age Benefit
  9. Bank routing number and account number for deposits
  10. Month you want benefits to begin

  11. Internet connectivity and computer access