Social Security & Medicare Planning

“This class on ‘Savvy Social Security and Medicare Planning’ was very concise.  Mr. Murphy kept on track, answered all of the participants’ questions, deferring the more specific questions to discussion after class.  I learned a lot!”

                        - D.B., Santa Fe

“This seminar, ‘Savvy Social Security and Medicare Planning’, was excellent.  The information was well presented and thorough.  I might actually be able to make an intelligent decision on retirement now!”

                        - Anonymous, Santa Fe

Understanding Your Medicare Options

“I attended one of your excellent workshops regarding making an informed choice of Medicare Advantage Plans.  Having attended the ‘Understanding Your Medicare Options’ seminar (with the information received and the handout in my pocket), it made the complexity and the sheer amount of the often confusing data much easier to organize, understand and eventually make a choice that fits my situation quite well.  I have recommended your workshop to my sister who turns 65 next September.  Thank you very much for your expertise and especially your willingness to share it.”

                        - D.E., Santa Fe

Social Security

“The ‘Savvy Social Security’ class was very informative and well-organized - A great presentation.”

                        - Anonymous, Santa Fe

“I learned a lot of useful information in the ‘Savvy Social Security’ seminar.  Mr. Murphy was very articulate and knowledgeable!”

                        - P. B., Santa Fe

“It was a great opportunity to learn essential facts and how to plan retirement in the ‘Savvy Social Security’ class.

                        - Anonymous, Santa Fe

“The ‘Savvy Social Security’ seminar was very helpful.  Everyone should take it!”

                        - R. R., Santa Fe


"Having these past few days to reflect on all your excellent information and thoughtful counsel, I feel inspired to sen this word of thanks. I appreciate your straightforward expertise and your kind manner. I know I have your good wishes going forward - and mine back to you.

                         - LM, Santa Fe


"It was good to see you at SFCC the other evening. Thank you so much for all the great information you provided during your new Savvy Caregiving Planning class. As always, you were so very well prepared and informative. Putting a plan together is certainly & finally on my radar. What you shared & what you've made available on your website will be incredibly helpful. You're a real gem /asset in our community. Thank you for doing what you do! Best wishes,"

                         - GL, Santa Fe


"I wanted to thank you for your great care and guidance at the beginning of the Pandemic. I appreciate it very much. Also the great information you send by email.  I appreciate your care and information - it is so needed in our world."

                         - BS, Santa Fe